As current college students, our team felt overwhelmed by the sheer number of event emails and postings we receive on a daily basis. Whether they were invitations to club information sessions to large-scale networking events, we felt pressured to take advantage of all the opportunities we possibly can.

Our Proposal

For this reason, we created SMACK, a web-based application that will automatically parse through your emails and websites to generate events on our centralized event platform. Through SMACK, users will be able to view all their upcoming events on our live map from both their emails and school websites. This eliminates the need to constantly perform a brute-force search through all your emails and go back-and-forth between several event sites.

Opportunities Centralized

Our interactive site provides a search bar to dynamically filter events of your preference by date, title, type, description, and location. If you click on each marker on the map, an information box will be displayed, containing information about the title, event, location, and short description of the event for easy accessibility.

Email Parsing Functionality

Our email parsing algorithm utilizes Google's Natural Language Processing and pattern recognition to effectively find all the essential information required for each event. From there, this information is uploaded to our database and pulled from our dynamic website to be displayed on our live map.

Web-Scraping Functionality

In addition to email parsing, our information for events is sourced from various websites through web-scraping. By automating the process of clicking through web pages and reading in event information, we are able to get real-time accurate data for users to view on our platform.

Technologies Used

  • Google Natural Language Processing API
  • Google Geolocation API
  • Google Geocoding API
  • Google Maps API
  • MongoDB

What's Next

We believe that SMACK is the solution for students who are overwhelmed by the amount of email and website events that they receive on a daily basis. From here, we will continue to develop SMACK as the centralized platform for events by adding user registration, event filtering, an interactive calendar, bookmarking functionality, more sources of data, and improvements to the email parsing algorithm.

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