For our inspiration, the team looked to China, where the rise of mobile usages has skyrocketed and with it the introduction of novel mobile-centric experiences. Our aim is to bring this mobile revolution in payments to Europe and the rest of the western hemisphere! We hope to make it easier for people to pay for goods and services, not only to make their life more streamlined but also to increase spending on microtransactions that can do great things - for example, helping decrease the costs of non-cash based microdonations to charities and homeless ( currently card admin fees take a massive chunk out of small donations... Imagine if you could donate your virtual change to the less fortunate free of charge and by simply pointing your phone at a QR code they have on them - now, that's Sm∞th)

As the project developed, so did our requirements. We ended up thinking beyond the scope of QR code payments and began to extend the app to also incorporate facial recognition in an effort to further lower the barriers to payment. With this new biometric feature, you can simply point your phone at your payee and their account details will immediately be loaded into the app and you can make your payment! The implications of this are enormous; enabling payments in stores, between friends and relatives and even on public transport. At Sm∞th, we imagine a world where Oyster cards are passé and instead you can simple strut in and out of tube stations, while the correct charge is taken off your Starling© account.

The future is Sm∞th.

What it does

Point and pay, it's that Sm∞th!

How we built it

We opted for a platform agnostic implementation to make sure our product can reach the maximum number of users. We have a NodeJs backend and an Angular/TypeScript client running as an app packaged using ionic.

Challenges we ran into


Accomplishments that we're proud of

Learning TypeScript, Angular, Ionic ...etc etc.... in 24h!

What we learned

Loads of new technologies :) and how cool, Sm∞th and exciting banking can be.

What's next for Sm∞th

Sm∞th world domination!

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