Our aim of this project is to utilize cheaply available IoT hardware and convert these frugal things into a smart device to help the physically challenged. Along with the help of cloud-based mobile/web app, we aim to help the old and the physically challenged people to open the doors remotely and conveniently without any physical movement.

What it does

This application helps the old and the phyically challenged people to open the door at their convenience. It also helps the user to track any mischievous or malicious activities like pranks or mail thefts.

How we built it

We primarily built the app using MeteorJs, three different ESP8266 (IC's) communicating with each other using AWS, breadboard. The LED used to indicate the output can be connected directly to the door latch. This enables us to open the door using only voice commands (much like Alohomora!!)

Challenges we ran into

Training Face Recognition API when the person visits the home again. Triggering Alexa from API without using voice commands.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Made an automated door unlocking system that will be helpful to people and will be cheaply available to use. The user can keep track of the visitors and any mischievous activities at home when they are not at home without any concerns.

What we learned

Using Kairos API for facial recognition. Push notification on the hybrid application using GCM (Google Cloud Messaging.

What's next for SlyCam

Currently, our prototype is only capable of working with one house. In future, it can be enhanced to work with multiple houses. An authentication method can be implemented to recognize the users and installed locks.

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