SlyBuy is a unique gift purchasing website, allowing users to either send an entirely random and completely unknown gift to a friend or family-member, as well as send a present to a charitable organization using Amazon's Wish List functionality. Our website uses an Amazon product-crawler with a keyword search based on a random noun generator that crawls the front-page of While the entirety of user purchases are visualized through the Venmo payment api, the actual product purchasing is done through the api, which creates a full Amazon product purchase through a single post-request. Building from this, the Charity functionality gathers Amazon Wish List data through a Wish List api, allowing donors to purchase these products for a charity of their choice, such as Mott's Children Hospital.To finalize the functionality of SlyBuy, charities are unable to complete self-registration, rather they must send a request to the host and we then make the verified charity addition.

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