In this old-school-point-n-click adventure game, you take on the role of Alexandra Blush: newest recruit at the world-famous Slush & Piles literary agency. As her first day on the job begins, Alex dreams of discovering the world’s next great author, but can she mine the mountains of book submissions for diamonds in the rough? Will she keep her idealism amid the siren’s call of commercial success? Will her snarky coworkers win the war over the lunchroom fridge?

Using genuine book descriptions, actual sales numbers, and a healthy dollop of humor, SlushPiles simulates the epic task of ranking books using nothing but a query letter and a sample chapter.

Help Alex sign up genuine authors as virtual clients, pitch manuscripts to imaginary publishers, and maybe even make rent for her microscopic Manhattan apartment.

Can you recognize a best-seller from the pitch on its cover?

Only one way to find out… visit today.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This game is Chrome only at the moment, sorry IE users. :(

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