Order Your Party's Drinks with Your Friends

I came up with this idea when I was going to a party one night, and I realized I should pick up some beer on the way -- it was late and I had to go out of my way to pickup drinks. Instead of dealing with the hassle of picking up drinks at night, I figured it'd be easier (and more fun!) to plan beforehand with friends.

Through SlushFun, users can create a group cart to share with their friends, and friends can add suggestions with notes to the order. Additionally, everyone can vote/comment on each item so that the host can see what type of drinks the party-goers want. Ultimately, the host has final say on what's ordered (since he/she is paying for it).

I'm most proud of the fact that this app is done almost completely in Angular on the client-side -- I wanted to learn Angular and brush up on my mobile-web development (the app is responsive).

There are defintely still a few outstanding items on this project before it's ready for production, so I thought I'd mention them here:

  • Since the app is almost all Angular (except for the slightest bit of node/express routing), the client_id and client_secret are available on the front-end -- I obviously plan on changing that before pushing this site to production
    • On a similar note, I could not route requests straight from angular to your server due to CORS constraints, so I am using a CORS-proxy to get around this issue -- this will also be changed before pushing to prodction and currently causes a small amount of lag
  • I did not have the time to implement much error handling, so there may be a few bugs that are not apparent to the user
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