Helping Farmers take better care of their crops and be more environmentally sustainable. We have a finite amount of resources on earth and given a dramatic increase in population we need to be efficient in how we grow our food and sustain our fresh water supplies.

What it does

The sensor is placed in the soil with the plants and it reads; humidity, temperature, moisture, and light. These values then can be read on the web or mobile IOS app

We want to provide an easy to use, scale-able hardware and software infrastructure giving users the freedom to collect and analyze data for the things that matter most to them

How I built it

The IOS app was built in swift, the web app used the web2py framework with a python and javascript backend, with html, css, and vue.js front end. The hardware was built with open source collaboration between Espressif Systems Incorporated and the open source Community. We are utilizing nodeMCU firmware to act as the OS allowing us to write programs in Lua.

Challenges I ran into

Getting the data off the sensors to our database. Creating a reliable webserver using limited on device flash storage and 32-bit low power processor to incorporate multiple sensors being used at the same time

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works!

What I learned

You can do a lot more with a team than on your on. Critical feedback is essential catching and correcting mistakes early.

What's next for SlugSense

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