SlugJam2015 Game

Spacepace initially began as a project started at SlugJam 2015.


We figured the response at the game jam was positive enough and that we liked the idea enough to go ahead and develop it to release. For all of us this was our first mobile game release and it was nerve wracking but we got through and released the game to both iOS and Android.


Spacepace is a word game that has rhythm elements to it. The player is shown a phrase with the spaces removed between the words and the number of words in the phrase. The phrsae is then typed out in typewriter fashion and the player has to tap the screen at the appropriate time to add spaces between words. The length of the words determines the rhythm of the game, and so successful players develop a sort of rhythm to their tapping. The game is designed to be played casually, but the gameplay itself is not designed for casuals.


Spacepace was developed using Unity's 2D framework. Looking back this wasn't exactly an economic decision since now the game's executable files are bloated and we're not allowed to get rid of the Unity logo that appears at game start unless we shell out thousands of dollars for Unity. Unity was the engine that we were most familiar with and staying in our comfort zone cost us.

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