At UCSC, it can often feel like the different colleges are disconnected from each other due to the way events are split up by college affiliation. This can lead to missed opportunities for students who might be interested in attending events outside of their own college. We recognized that this system essentially isolates each college into their own individual groups and can discourage campus-wide interconnectivity as a whole. That’s why we created SlugEvents - to provide a one-stop shop for UCSC students to find interesting events all around campus and help foster a closer-knit community.

What SlugEvents does:

SlugEvents is a website that connects UCSC students by providing a platform to showcase all the events happening around campus. Students that find events that they are interested in can follow the provided links in order to find out more information about those particular events.

How SlugEvents was built:

SlugEvents is a site built upon a static map of UC Santa Cruz with a number of interactive elements for each supported location. Initially, we considered using the Google Maps API to have the events show up on the maps itself, but we ended up going with a static approach as a proof of concept due to the time limitations.


  • Time crunch that limited the number of ideas that would could implement in total.
  • Limited experience with utilizing web frameworks.


We are proud to have met our goal of making a site that provides effective functionality for all UCSC students and event attendees.

  • All known events that are occurring in the listed locations are available with a quick hover.
  • From here, users can follow the specific event links for more event information or expand the list of events at a specific location with a single click.
  • Providing a simple, accessible interface for displaying events to interested users.

What we learned:

We mainly learned to manage our time wisely; given the time constraints, we had to choose what functionalities to prioritize implementation of and what we had to hold off pursuing to fit within the given timeframe.

What's next for SlugEvents:

  • Taking in user input so that users can manually add their own events if they are not already listed.
  • Implementing an automated web scraper to monitor the various UCSC colleges' webpages daily to store events posted across various websites and calendars.
  • Accessibility improvements such as better filters and search functionality.

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