We needed a way to build our personal library of resources quickly and easily. As developers, we constantly need to learn. However, it’s increasingly difficult to keep up with all the new frameworks, libraries, code repositories and other materials that are being pushed out every day. There’s currently no quick way to know about their existence and yet it’s incredibly important to stay ahead if we want to build robust and reliable technology.

Searching for and choosing the right resources are two other pains we wanted to address. Not only do we waste our time going through hundreds of blog posts, forums, Q&As or readme files but we’re not even guaranteed that the resources we find are good, supported by a large community or even adapted to the problem we are trying to solve...

Have any questions about the code you’re forking? Most of the time, you’re on your own. There’s currently no easy way to leverage the community of developers to helps us make the right choice between resources.

Eventually, the current tools available to capture and store resources aren’t designed for developers. How do you select a precise snippet of code when using bookmarks or keep the syntax highlighting when you copy and paste on Evernote? And these tools are not meant to be collaborative. With SlugBay, we want to help developers build better technology by providing them with the tools to discover, save and share the best resources easily and quickly.

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