Facing frustrations on a daily basis with the LaTeX typesystem, we wanted to extend on it with a scripting language that would allow easier typesetting and debugging.

What it does

The application compiles LaTeX code from source files with a custom syntax.

How we built it

We separate the content of the document from the logical part, which allows for easier debugging. For example it allows us to catch the use of math-mode commands outside of math mode, which in usual LaTeX generates confusing error messages. We parse a script which defines functions that become available to use in the document. We use strong types, which further allows preventing errors.

Challenges we ran into

We needed to write two compiling systems and make them work together. This was in practice pretty difficult to achieve. There's some serious limitations which we could not address in the limited time we have.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have a functional proof-of-concept. We managed to combine a custom-made scripting language together with a typesetting system.

What we learned

We have a better understanding of compiling systems and we learned that LaTeX, despite its flaws, is actually pretty good at what it does.

What's next for SlTeX

Addressing the current limitations of the scripting language. Add more functionalities to the scripting language.

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