What if booking an interview with your favorite company was as easy as scheduling a hair appointment?

While working on hiring effectiveness research at Google, we studied thousands of incoming applications from our online portal. Our research showed that once a resume meets a certain quality threshold (which was very low), there is no correlation between quality of resume and likelihood of hire. Therefore we started shifting our process to interviewing (initially by phone) anyone who's resume met that minimum threshold. This led to incredible process and scheduling inefficiencies and a very bad candidate experience but more hires overall. Slotted fixes this, giving the candidate a seamless application experience while enabling the company to make more hires.

Slotted lets you:

  • See your favorite company's interview calendar and book a slot.
  • Browse and schedule interview slots with multiple companies in seconds.
  • Know within 72 hours whether the company accepts or declines.

For employers:

  • Browse candidates who requested an interview slot, accept or decline with one click.
  • If accepted, candidate is confirmed for that slot. No more email scheduling ping-pong!
  • It's like your ATS, but it doesn't suck.
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