We were inspired by recent campaigns against fast fashion and news reports about the waste generated by the fashion industry.

What it does

Slothing is an all in one platform for purchasing made to order clothing.

Clothing is paid for in advance and made in small batches so there's no excess production. We utilize offcuts to make iron on repair patches for garments.

There's a VR fitting room to help customers get an item that fits perfectly without trying on in store.

The production of orders is tracked on the website and we email customers at each stage of production to help them understand the work that goes into making their garment.

Each item comes with a custom repair kit to encourage customers to repair damage to their clothing.

We also provide an end of life service for customers. We upcycle fabric to make new products or compost it if it can't be used.

How we built it

We started by creating a moodboard of web design templates from Dribbble. Then we mocked up a wireframe in figma. We built the prototype website using GatsbyJS, JavaScript, Three JS and Blender.

Challenges we ran into

3D rendering was a particular challenge - we weren't able to get it to load quickly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Pulling it all together in 48 hours. We also did a lot of research into the industry.

What we learned

We learned some new tech (Gatsby JS, Three JS). We also learned a lot about issues within the fashion industry.

What's next for Slothing (Slow-ving)

Watch this space!

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