All problems have solutions. They just require a certain level of intellect, and experiance. But with data locked away behind electronic vaults, how can anyone hope to gain experiance in the real world? The inspiration behind SlothStorage was the idea that we could use a blockchain to store data in a way so that not only could people keep their private information private, but still allow the world to be helped through trend finding and big data analysis.

What it does

Sloth Storage stores medical record on multiple servers, where changes are recorded and tampering is actively prevented, and passively protected.

How we built it

Each person on our team had a role on what to create for our final project. Certain people had roles of creating the block chain programming, integrating that with Amazon EC2, creating multi-layered encryption, and on top of that, implementing it all to a website.

Challenges we ran into

We ran into a lot of issues integrating all of our aspects of the project together. It took a lot of hard word to integrate the block chains, the encryption and the front end all together. We also originally had issues with Amazon ec2

Accomplishments that we're proud of

I think we're all happy that we were able to figure out and support block chains for our final product! It was also very exciting putting together all of the pieces of our project together and figuring out more and more about each aspect of our project.

What's next for Sloth Storage

Eventually we would like to add more layers of encryption, and better j

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