Vistara Airlines roughly holds only 3% of the Indian domestic airline market, whereas other leaders occupy as much 37% of the market share. We also found, based on running a social media analysis that almost 32% customers of these market leaders are dissatisfied to an extent that they resort to reporting their grievances and sometimes abusing fiercely on social media. So, we thought why not figure out a way to help these customers have a more satisfying travel experience, and also at the same time help Vistara to soar the domestic aviation market.

What it does

We find unsatisfied people that use competitor airlines services using online channels, classify these people and use this data to sell them better deals.

How we built it

We designed a text classifier that gets data from services like facebook news feed, tweets, news services, and blogs. We identify the source of this information using deep learning algorithms and profile such users. We further hunt more information for these profiles and create data that can be used for targeted marketing on social media as well as offline sales.

Challenges we ran into

"I had a hard time sanitizing those facebook posts and twitter tweets." - Namit Juneja "it was extremely difficult to find the purchasing power of different people because almost everyone was moderately rich" - Kunal Sachdeva "Staying awake the entire night without red bulls" - Aditya :P "Thinking about this idea" - entire team ftw

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Fairly accurate results in an acceptable amount of time.

What's next for Sloop

If given the opportunity we would love to make this tool production-ready for Vistara.


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