SLOHacks2018 - Poly Pins

Created by: Vasanth Sadhasivan, Hunter Morse, Angello Parrolivelli, and Finn Childress

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Welcome to Poly Pins!

Poly Pins is an iOS application that helps users to find places around the Cal Poly Campus!

Poly Pins uses augmented reality (AR) and Google Cloud Firebase (Cloud Database Hosting) to show the users various pins.

Each pin represents places that can be found on campus.

The user can filter the pins by type shown to the user by selecting the icons at the bottom of the screen.

The types of places to filter are: Food, Housing, Bathrooms, Recreation, Hydration, Buildings.

Created using XCode

What was the hardest part

Some of the greatest challenges that we faced were regarding code dependency and having to wait for one task to finish in order to do other tasks. The way we allocated tasks for this project did not account for people to easily work in parallel and combine their efforts together at the end. However, we managed, and were able to get the app going which was really cool to see. Specific coding challenges had to deal with putting down the augmented markers in respective positions around the user. Since ARKit scales down images when farther away to create a depth perception, objects that were too far would be miniscule. Instead, we had to trick the app to making the phone think that the markers are actually 10m away and would have to update the distances in real time whenever the user changes location.

How we did it

Using firebase to store necessary marker info (latitude, longitude, name, type), the app would pull data and then display them on the screen as augmented markers. We are able to filter the markers to different categories, which allow users to navigate with ease. We did not populate firebase with all of the possible markers on campus, but that is just a matter of inputting more the data in firebase.

What we plan to do

There are many further features that we will incorporate in the app. For instance, instructors will be able to provide a unique id for students to input in the app and then find the location of the class. Other features include the option to login to a Cal Poly account, retrieve schedule data, and put respective augmented markers for each of the user's classes. This will be useful to all students the beginning of each quarter.

Overall, this project was a lot of fun, and we are glad we were able to spend our time coming up with this solution together.

Sources for the images used in app:





Lower Sports Complex:



sierra madre:

cerro vista:

pol deli:



the P:



uni store:

mustang lanes:

Lucy's Juice:





campus Market:







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