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Our web application helps users save money by highlighting cheaper transportation alternatives.


Hosted on Google Cloud, pulls data from a user's ride-share history using Uber's API. From the Google Maps API, we consider walking and biking alternatives for specific Uber routes that the user has taken. The program then selects the most practical alternatives for the user, with consideration for time and cost. These suggestions are displayed alongside the user's ride-share history and expense summary.

By aggregating these data sources, users see how they could save money without putting in considerable time and effort.

The user's credentials and data are securely stored in Firebase.


In the future, Zach, Madeline, Austin, Cole, and Jordan envision an application that aggregates data from Lyft, Uber, Venmo, and user inputs to instantly compute a more encompassing expense summary. The application would then suggest a wider array of transportation alternatives to the user including bus, train, and other public transport options in addition to walk routes, bike routes, and community carpools. Thus, the user could get from point A to point B, the cheapest, most efficient way possible.

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