As students it is often tedious to browse through many sites only to fall upon a trending viral video, instead of a reliable source for our research projects. Our team realized that there was no such service to cater to this issue. So Slim Search was born. Our web app is designed so that students and casual SlimSearchers alike can benefit from a more streamlined data indexing system.

What SlimSearch Does

We have created a web app that compiles data from various databases and websites across the internet, such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo. The user can input their target subject of interest. They can then limit what is shown by interacting with the UI. First they can limit by media type, then by search engine, and finally, website validity. The data is processed and their desired information will then be sent to their gmail account.

How We Built It

We used Python, Flask, HTML and CSS, Big Parser. We used Python code, Flask and the Big Parser API to build the data filtering section, compiling data from the search engines, contacts, and web crawling. For our website, we wrote our code in Atom and hosted our site on 000webhost. We also used Creative Commons for our image sourcing.

Challenges We Ran Into

All of us had to learn new APIs, languages and micro web frameworks in this short amount of time. This project really stretched our abilities and exposed us to new ideas. Often we spent a long time learning an API, framework or other technology only to realize it was not what we thought it was, and we couldn't incorporate it into our web app. However, learning all those technologies that were never used in our project was still extremely interesting and a great experience. It also took us four hours to try and receive a domain name.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have also created a beautiful site, a functioning GUI and a useful web application.

What we learned

We learned how to navigate GitHub, and dove into the depths of HTML, CSS, and Python. We were exposed to a new API, Big Parser, and we integrated Flask. We also realized that our first idea may not be our final project and sometimes we aim too high. But that's not always a bad thing!

What's next for SlimSearch

We hope to be able to expand into more search engines and include more data. We also hope to make the GUI more user friendly and create more user customization tools. Thanks for reading and we hope you enjoy SlimSearch!

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