This Elastic World's Lens idea comes from Leap Motion Controller technology with an extra ability to Visually Manipulate spatial surface information of real world and objects and their Softness Perception to make the illusion of Elasticity by a user's hand.

What it does

The Lens is designed to create a Mixed Reality experience so the snapchat user will be able to grab and pull those points to visualize elasticity of solid objects like walls, furniture or any other object user can find in their surroundings

How we built it

by a respond to pinch gesture of the user in order to make that specific position of space bounce

Challenges we ran into

This project's creation has been all about challenges , from choosing the right path and assets and capabilities to develop the script to get the best result with Hand Gesture trigger and world mesh deformation. Therefor we had to do lots of trials and errors since it was a fresh idea and there were not any study sources or other AR cases we could take a lead/hint from.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are glad that we could achieve creation of this novel Mixed Reality experience for the first time through Lens Studio capabilities and support.

What we learned

A lot from workshops that Snap AR's great team provided and their non-stop support other than our own studies and mistakes during this Lensathon month of learning and practicing.

What's next for Elasticious

We would love to develop this experience by making it a spectacles snapchat Lens

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