I started off making a CLI text based game in Java and things kinda snowballed from there lol.

What it does

Its a role playing game with a combat system, inventory management, and navigation. Unfortunately it is currently not completed, though most of the sprite art and planning is done, implementation just took longer than expected :')

How I built it

Using Java, JavaFx, Java Swing and Java awt libraries as well as JDBC and an SQLite database to store save progress.

Challenges I ran into

  • This is my first time working with Swing, AWT and JDBC, so there was the time crunch of trying to find a way to connect the different components of the game together into one cohesive application
  • My initial idea was a lot more complex and working solo meant I didn't have the time to finish up the rest of the project.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

  • Most of the gameplay and storyline was designed solo in a short period of time, which I am quite happy with.
  • Finally taking a step towards making proper games

What I learned

  • I need to be patient and be through in looking for answers when coding, especially when working on my own.
  • I need to be more through in looking through my system requirements and more firm in my game design decisions before I move on to database design, which was quite time consuming as I was constantly trying to modify it in the early phase.

What's next for Slime Fighter

  • Finishing the rest of the components I had planned
  • More storyline elements
  • I can tweak and add in features I cut due to the time constraint
  • Graphics upgrade, redesign some of the sprites

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