When I go onto OpenSea or Rareable I always wonder what draws people to the NFTs. It's not like I can interact with them in the same way I could a character from a video game. The SLIK NFT project starts to challenge that by allowing users to level up their NFTs as they compete for ownership of a rare NFT.

What It Does

SLIK is an extension of the NFT example project that the Lisk team provides to its developers. The project adds the following:

  • Link metadata for NFTs
  • Firebase account integration for wallet key obfuscation & ease of use
  • Firebase image storage & uploading
  • Leveling up NFTs

While the changes may seem simple, they are necessary to help bridge the gap between an example dapp and one made for users.

How to Use: Step by Step

Since I haven't found anyone to host nodes, this project will not be available in a production environment. Instead, a github repo is available for everyone. You can follow the directions there to get it set up on your local environment. Afterwards, you can read the instructions here.

  1. Run both the node and the frontend.
  2. Create an account by clicking on the "Account" link on the left menu. Insert an email and password (email won't be verified for simplicity's sake, so it doesn't have to be real).
  3. After creating an account, the dial on the bottom right should appear. Hover over it and select the option to transfer funds. Insert a sizable amount and select the wallet origin as the genesis wallet.
  4. If you want to create an NFT, you can do so by clicking the other option on the dial.
    The rest should be self explanatory, as it is similar enough to the original project for developers and laymen alike to figure out.

How I Built It

I knew from the very start that I wanted to create an NFT leveling project, and luckily enough Lisk had an example NFT project to build off of.
I essentially took the original NFT project and restyled it for Lisk. I also added firebase integrations to the project, like the saving of keys and images to the firebase database. While some may not like the saving of keys to the database, it provides convenience and is a similar policy to exchanges.

Note: for now there is no security placed on the data submitted to the database since it's still in a developer environment. This must be changed if you are to make your own firebase project based off of SLIK, or are trying to push it into production.


I must admit, it's very nice to have both the front and backend of the project being in javascript. Now with I can write frontend, backend, and blockend in all one language! That being said, there were a couple of conceptual issues that I had with Lisk that made some of my design choices convoluted. For one, I originally thought that Lisk was a smart contract platform like Algorand or Ethereum. Instead, it was closer to cosmos (which I don't have fond memories with... :< ). Maybe if I understood Lisk better from the start, the project would have come out differently.
But despite my conceptual error, the documentation of Lisk wasn't too bad in comparison to other protocols. I especially liked the graphs, which inspired me to draw some of my own.

Possible Future Updates

There were a couple of ideas that I had for the project that didn't make it into the final product.

  1. Trade Requests: offer to trade NFTs instead of sell them. This would result in mutual SLIK XP increases.
  2. SLIK Token: pay a small amount of Lisk to join a weekly lottery for newly minted SLIK Tokens, which can be redeemed to increase the XP of an NFT.
  3. Leaderboards: see the usernames/accounts/wallets of the users with the highest XP NFTs. Sort by weekly, monthly, or all time.

Parting Note

Thank you for taking the time to read through the project. I hope that even if it doesn't win a prize, future developers can look at it as an example.

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