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What it does

This project has two parts. The first part is a hardware implementation of buttons that can be attached to any smartphone with a device as simple as a clothes peg. This makes it easier to use your phone as a remote controller, just as you wold use a game-pad on a keyboard, but with all the advantages that a smartphone can bring as a gaming platform. The second part of the project is a little multiplayer game to test our buttons with. It consists of up to 4 penguins that race by slipping on ice.

How I built it

We built the buttons using the sillicon membrane of an old keyboard, wire, stylus tips, clothes pegs springs and lots, lots of patience. The game was made in C++ using the SFML libraries. Graphics were made in Gimp.

Challenges I ran into

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are proud that we succeeded arriving to Bremen, that we are still alive after 3 days of no sleep, and that our game works, more or less. At least it hasn't segfaults.

What I learned

We learned that the power of love is not enough to implement physics. They lie to us! :( So we had to learn how to implement collisions, gravity, friction, jumps... etc. We also learned how to structure a game that involves various scenes, like a cover, a menu, and various kind of levels. We also learned about the probability distribution when throwing a sticker randomly into the air and let it fall on your laptop. It was great.

What's next for Sliippy Penguins, Nipple Buttons

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