This is a combination of crossword puzzles and sliding puzzles.

Instead of writing the words for the given crossword prompt, you have to move the letters to form words. As there is an added layer of complexity you can still choose to play it like a normal sliding puzzle if you find the crossword very difficult.

You can also create your own puzzles. The ability to share your puzzles with your friends will be added soon.

The basic concept of the app is to move the tiles in order to form words based on the crossword prompts given.

View the source code here

To build the app :

  1. Install FlutterFire CLI from here

  2. Configure Firebase project

- Clone the project

  git clone

- Navigate to project

  cd sliding_crossword/

- Configure Firebase

  flutterfire configure

  A file named **_firebase_options.dart_** should be generated.
  1. Build the app flutter run

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