Last week at Local Hack Day we spend way too much time on trying to pick a slideshow that seemed good, was of a certain length, not too long, etc. It was a hassle.

What it does

This tool makes it much more simple to get a slideshow. You click a button and BOOM: Slideshow ready for presenting.

How I built it

Bootstrap on the front end with some JavaScript and JQuery for AJAX. Django on the Backend. Runs on gunicorn. Deployed to Heroku, which apparently serves static files now? woop woop

Challenges we ran into

XML parsing. Apparently different in every dev environment. I will dream of XML tonight.

Also doesn't really like us spamming their API, but we've only had two accounts banned, so it's cool.

Android best practices are frequently updated...

What I learned

What's next for Slideshare Karaoke

Make it secure lol

We also need more Steve Ballmer gifs. Definitely


While testing all of this we found out that there are some NSFW presentations on slideshare. Be careful out there.

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