Since we are learning scala this year for our CSE116 course, we wanted to make something with it.

What it does

This is a game where the player control this blue square, the blue square will go in a direction indefinetly unless it hit an obstacle or goal, but if the blue square go outside of the playing board, its game over. The player also have the ability to place down obstacles, which will help them reach the red goal and advance through the stage, which are the point system, the goal is to see how long the player can survive until they inevitably make a mistake or get trapped by their own obstacles.

How I built it

We used scala and what we learned from school to build the game. We then used HTML and css to create our team website.

Challenges I ran into

To make the game playable and decently graphical pleasing, we had to learn GUI on the spot, which was quite difficult. We were also running low on time and gotten very tired, as we are writing, its 4am and we desperately need sleep.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We are pretty proud that we were able to create a decent website along our game. We were also proud that we ended up using alot of concepts we learned in class and even try out new stuff like GUI.

What I learned

We learned many new skills during the creation of the game and also about teamwork, how important it is to properly setup a plan and split works among ourself.

What's next for Slider Game

To us, this look like a fun game, perhaps we will continue making it and also we believe that the game can work pretty well on mobile device.

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