What is this?

A submission for the Flutter Puzzle Hack 🧩 by Calamity210. You can try it out at https://slidepuzzlehack.web.app, for a better, run it on chrome. For the best experience, build the project for desktop or mobile.

The only real constraints we were given for this hack are:

All submissions must be slide puzzles. That means that the players “slide” a limited number of tiles into place to achieve a goal. Word puzzles, etc. will not be accepted. While most people went straight to the traditional 15-block sliding puzzle, I wanted to make something that many people were not also making.

This game is the outcome, a sokoban-inspired sliding puzzle. It falls perfectly into the constraints we were given, the player slides a number of boxes into place to complete the level.

Features 💡

(Tap and drag your mouse or finger over the dash in the home page for a cool little animation).

  • Customizable difficulty.
  • Supports all flutter-supported platforms.
  • Supports both keyboard and joystick inputs. 🕹
  • Randomly Generated Maps (🎊 It never gets old 🎊).
  • Auto Solve (Click the help button, and it'll solve one box for you).
  • Restart (You can restart the same level if you messed up).
  • Fun (It has dash in it, why wouldn't it be fun?).

Running the Project 💻

To run the project either use the launch configuration in VSCode/Android Studio or use the following command:

$ flutter run -d chrome

Supported Platforms

  • [x] Web 💻
  • [x] Mobile 📱
  • [x] Desktop 🖥

I've only tested the project on ios, macOS, android, and web.

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