SlideEasy offers completely new way of running presentations !

With this app we wanted to demonstrate innovative use of Samsung smartwatch as a presentation helper tool.

First you need to load presentation pdf, add slide notes and configure things like time limits for presentation and optionally time limits for individual slides. Please note that setting both total time limit for presentation and limits for individual slides are optional. You can set slide times it if you wish to see separate time chart in a given slide and being reminded with smartwatch buzz alarms about exceeding time.

You may also want to set total presentation time and let app to share it equally between all slides. Than you may activate Gear gestures and time alarms settings. Configuration options are even more advances as you can choose what type of helper screen you want to see on your phone while the presentation is in the live mode. So you might prefer to see just a note in a full screen, timers or everything at the same time.

Finally you tap Start, and presentation goes live on the big screen or projector connected via MHL cable. Connecting phone with secondary display using MHL cable is not necessary to see how app is working but is recommended to have optimal big screen presentation effect.

Now you may change presentation slides tapping on the left or right part of your smartwatch screen.

Instead of tapping you might prefer to use gestures. With smartwatch on your right wrist you need to make a quick hand movement to the left side in order to switch to the next slide -it's a bit like turning a book page. Opposite movement will get you to the previous slide. We created our own algorithm that analyses smartwatch position and detect if slide change gesture occured. We require gesture to be quick so that you will not make it accidentally while naturally gesticulating. Moving your hand inwards feels more natural that's why if you switch smartwatch to your left hand, app will adjust and in this situation gesture to the right will get you to the next slide.

Keeping time is particularly important aspect of good presentation. Smartwatch can be pretty helpful here. Firstly it features timers with constant sync between smartphone and smartwatch apps. To make it faster to read we added visual signals - background will turn orange if you're in the last 10 seconds allowed within current slide or presentation. Background will turn red if you your time is up.

Finally we have buzz alarms (configurable) in case you prefer not to be distracted at all looking at the watch. Single buzz will notify you that current time limit is just 10 seconds. Two buzzes mean that your time is up. This is discrete way of notifying user that will not be noticed by the audience.

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