Many startups are doomed to failure even before they start. Without a clever equity split, its going to be very hard to keep everyone happy. The worst thing is that most of these cases are due to ignorance instead of bad intentions, we are trying to develop a tool for people with good intentions trying to get -and give- whats fair for any contribution.

What it does

It mints tokens representing company ownership in exchange for contributions to the project, attempting to compensate for Time, Money, or any kind of resource a company might require.

How we built it

We already use these model ourselves to slice our equity on our startup. We know from first hand the power of dodging the usual setbacks of a classic equity model and we wanted to spread the slicing pie model. Then we came up with the idea to develop a smart contract to interact with Aragon's DAO stack.

Challenges we ran into

We need to learn a lot of the tools that Aragon team provide and understand more in depth the new possibilities these tools offer.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We managed to come up with a really helpful idea for many startups. We could not finish it on time but we wanted to show the initiative anyway.

What we learned

We understand more in depth the stack of a web developer, we also improved our general knowledge of smart contract and how they interact. Finally we started to visualize a decentralized future that could be a reality with the help of the amazing community.

What's next for Slicer

We are going to focus on finish building this app and create all the interactions we had in mind and didn't had the time and knowledge to develop at this time.

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