Have you ever been a kid who sat in a box, and used your imagination to make it whatever you wanted? I'm a college student, and the only thing that has changed, is my parents can't stop me from spending 24 hours trying to build a pinball machine from scratch. You could say it was out of the pizza box thinking.

What it does

it's pinball, but made out of scrap pizza boxes, not a hard concept to understand

How I built it

The entire thing was build out of the used cardboard boxes here at the hackathon, and a couple rolls of duct tape. it took approximately 26 boxes of pizza and my whole roll of duct tape.

Challenges I ran into

If you invite a mechanical engineer to a coding competition, I hope you don't expect him to develop a new artificial intelligence. In my case, i just built my way around the problem. When life gives you lemons, burn life's house down.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

It works.

What I learned

You can make anything out of cardboard.

What's next for Slice of Pinball

We recycle it.

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