We wanted to take an old classic and turn it into a fun game for all to enjoy. Immediately we thought of all the carnivals we missed out on due to the global pandemic. This pandemic caused us to be in our homes. We wanted to help people remember the fun they had playing these games. Our combined favorite game was the infamous balloon pop. We wanted to use computer vision and this game blended perfectly with that original idea.


It is a summertime tradition to go out to the county fair where we live. We wanted to bring that fun to people around the world who could not go outside due to the global pandemic. Thus, we made a version of the infamous balloon pop, but with a twist. You use your finger as a blade to cut the balloons.


We hardcoded the GUI and the logic for the game using C++ and used OpenCV for the computer logic for tracking the finger for the game.


Some challenges we faced during the creation of this game was learning OpenCV which we were unfamiliar with entering into the competition. On top of this another issue we had was combining this finger recognition software we created with Open CV and the front end game because both these codes were messy to integrate. Overall, to overcome these challenges we used our prior experience in coding and the internet to learn skills vital for this task.

Strongest Aspects:

We are able to integrate both platforms the front end and back end also reliable detect finger.


The most important aspect of our project required us to learn the different functions of the OpenCV library. Specifically, we had to learn how to train our program to recognize the contours of different fingers, and how to create separate images from a webcam. Also, we learned how to integrate OpenCV tools in order to utilize the different objects. Next, we learned how to create the GUI using C++ to display the objects in our interface. All in all, we integrated what we learned from the OpenCV library and GUI to develop and design the main aspects of our game.

Future Plans:

Some future plans of expansion we have for this game is to be able to create a more complex and appealing GUI using python or java, In addition, we would like to be able to add more features to our game in terms of what the user can slash or obstacles that fall down that if the user slashes they lose points. Overall, the major improvement we want to complete is the Graphical User Interface.

Built With

  • c++
  • cmake
  • computervision
  • haarcascade
  • opencv
  • windows.h
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