We were inspired when we were going out for lunch a few days before the hackathon. After a meal, we were trying to figure out how much each person needs to pay and it was an inconvenient process. We thought that if there was an application that would automatically calculate the tip and the tax and also connect with Venmo API, splitting bills would be a lot easier.

What it does

Given a table of of buyers, items, and costs, Slice calculates how much money a person needs to pay. Then a user can press a request money button that requests the exact amount of money to the list of buyers at once.

How I built it

We've built an iOS app from scratch using XCode. We used Swift to scaffold the iOS app, and the Venmo API for our payments infrastructure.

Challenges I ran into

Two members of our team had no prior iOS experience, and none of us had any prior experience with the Venmo API, and only limited experience with OAuth. Technical challenges involved integrating all three of these together into one coherent product. We especially had to deal with the challenges of learning iOS, a new framework, while creating our app.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

We learned iOS and Swift during our time here, which is something we didn't have going in. It's really exciting to be able to learn a new framework. I'm proud that we make this a highly educational experience for our team.

What I learned

Swift, iOS, OAuth, Venmo API

What's next for Slice

Photo image processing for receipts analysis Prettify the app Auto detect tax from location

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