Sleuth-Hound is an educational and entertaining game for Alexa. Join this fun game as you play Sleuth to bring international criminals to justice one mission at a time. using clues that you collect from bystanders. Each mission has 3 levels with 70+ missions available.


Start each mission with Chief Alexa briefing you on a crime committed with a clue on where it happened. The Player, or Sleuth, must question bystanders to gather clues on what the criminal looks like and where the criminal went.

Say phrases like:

  • “Do you know what happened?”
  • “Do know where the criminal went?”
  • “Do you know what the criminal looks like?

Age and Player Info

Appropriate for all ages but we recommend 13-years and older based on when geography is fully learned in school. But, it’s never too early to learn. We recommend playing as a team to catch the criminal but only one input will be taken at a time, and all players will be working together as one Sleuth-Hound.


We could not find any good games on Alexa so we decided to create one. We all liked the idea of an educational game that was centered around culture and geography. As we started to brainstorm on game models to follow, we unanimously picked “Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego.” We strive to teach geography to our players while having fun trying to catch the criminal.

Implementation of the Idea

We strived to follow all documentation correctly in the amazon alexa portal staying on top of new features and trying to take advantage of them. We took advantage of the predefined intents when possible to limit redundancy and improve user experience. Also, we beefed up many of our sample utterances to improve user experience.


We tried to take advantage of using the new Speech Synthesis Markup Language(SSML) to provide a more natural voice experience during our game but fell short due to time constraints. We plan to implement this as we make updates to the skill.

Potential Value

The current Alexa skills tend to lean towards automation, productivity and replacing google searches. All work and no play! When you do want to play, the available game skills to choose from are limited with minimal entertainment value. We set to change this by introducing an engaging game that is entertaining and educational.

Skill Details

This skill contains dynamic content. Invocation Name: Sleuth-Hound

Start your next mission "Alexa, play sleuth-hound.”

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