After a few hours of thinking, it came down to one simple thing, *we like llamas*. So we ran with it and out came this.

What it does

Slanderllama is an (incredibly) basic game designed with the 

game elements of Slenderman in mind. Whilst walking around in the world, at night, with a torch, you have to find the carrots that the Slenderllama dropped in order to progress to the next level. (coming soon...).

How we built it

Slenderllama was built with Unity and Blender with one member focusing on the world, one focusing on the game mechanics and one on the 3D models.

Challenges we ran into

Firstly, not being able to make our first idea due to complexity, or our second for that matter. Our next problem was none of us had used any of the software before which meant a steep learning curve to get the product that we wanted. A major problem for us was dealing with random coding issues such as the Slenderllama randomly flying away from time to time among other things. The final problem was the resources we were using. As only one of us had a laptop, we were restricted to the Uni PCs which meant no installations of any additional software or anything that required administrator rights (this was partly solved by one of us who was running a remote desktop for the majority of the time) . 

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are very proud of the fact that we made something first of all as we had no idea what we were doing half of the time. We are also really proud as we all now have a sound knowledge in each of the programs we were using (and considering we hadn't used them 24 hours ago, that's not bad).

What we learned

How to use Blender and Unity and how to get around admin requirements.

What's next for Slenderllama

A working AI for the Slenderllama, more levels and a farming sequel called farm-a-llama.

Built With

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