Stressed out about the crazy amount of gifts you need to come up with for your family and friends as the Christmas countdown rapidly approaches? Well, Fear no more ... Sleigh the List is an innovative, convenient, & social approach to Christmas gift shopping!

This app was developed by Rachel Techau and Elizabeth Dworkin - seniors at Georgia Tech, for the Hack GT 2019 Hackathon, to revolutionize Christmas gift shopping for their families.

What it does

This web app opens to a user's home page, where they can view and add items to their holiday wish list. From here, visit your friends list, where family and other connections can post their gift wishes for you to grant. See a gift on their list you really want to bless them with? You can claim a gift to indicate to their connections that you'll be buying that item soon. Then, once it's purchased come back to indicate that the item is taken care of.

How we built it

Sleigh the List is a web application, built with JavaScript, Angular, CSS, and HTML. Github was utilized for version control and for standardization Rachel and Elizabeth but used Visual Studio Code as an IDE.

Challenges we ran into

From errors that seemed unresolvable to needing to research web app basics, the progress hit a lot of roadblocks. This weekend they made slow and steady progress - one overarching challenge was backing up data in a .json and learning Angular (for Elizabeth).

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This was Elizabeth's first time using Angular and developing a web application from scratch, so she is very proud of what she has learned through this process! Rachel is particularly proud of how well they divided up the work to collaborate efficiently and contribute together.

What we learned

A lot about web apps! Additionally, they established some great skills for project planning and vision casting, as they planned out this app before getting started - envisioning it down to what attributes each class would have. This was a great thing and made progress later on flow smoothly.

What's next for Sleigh the List

Sleigh the List can be expanded to be incorporated into social networking. Adding a simple "share my list with facebook friends" would make the app even more social and collaborative in nature. Specifying whether or not a gift you want is a "need" or a "want" would also help your connections prioritize what you would. It will also be expanded for any gift-giving occasion, with birthdays, weddings, and other gift-oriented holidays in mind! Why keep the fun to just Christmas? Incorporating automated gift suggestions would be another step where, based on a friend's likes and gift history (such as through Amazon), gift ideas for them can be suggested to friends who may be unsure of what they'd like. There are so many ways to elaborate on this app, and Rachel and Elizabeth look forward to continuing their learning together as they continue development.

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