I'm taking this opportunity to integrate Stellar tokens in a video game.

What it does

Code that makes it easy to award tokens on the Stellar network when a game achievement is earned.

User Experience Process Flow

  1. User starts game
  2. Logs in with their mobile device
  3. Receives a random code on their mobile device. Code expires in 15 minutes
  4. The first time a user logs in, an account is created on the Stellar Test Network.
  5. New accounts are sponsored by the token distribution account.
  6. User receives private key to their account. The key is not stored on the server.
  7. User plays games, receives achievement awards which are token transfers to their Stellar account.

How I built it

I developed the game using Godot, an open source game engine. The game code is written in gdscript. The backend uses go, php, and postgresql.

Challenges I ran into

login function in Godot.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

login using an otp through Twilio.

What I learned

integrating tokens on the Stellar network in a video game didn't actually require building a separate module as I had originally though was necessary.

What's next for Sleepy Cats - Use Sponsored Reserves in Game Achievements

make it more plug-n-play for easier deployment. building a "storefront" for players to use their earned tokens for in-game purchases.

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