When you set your alarms at night you're probably only concerned about getting as much sleep as possible, not about what unforeseen problems in the morning could make you late for work. Even if you do account for unlikely events, a traffic situation on the day could mean the difference between a successful career and failure.

What it does

Our app automatically works out when your day starts and how long it will take you to get to where you need to be, directly grabbed from your calendar. We factor in any current and predicted delays that may impact your trip.

We'll even work out when you need to sleep to make sure you're more than well-rested for the day.

How I built it

We integrated Google's Maps and Calendar API's to a vue.js-powered progressive web-app with a node.js backend. Essentially, we would grab the user's first calendar event from their Google Calendar, and post it to Google Maps as the destination source, using the user's home location as the origin, and from the returned path we would grab the travel time. From that travel time, we would also factor in the user's time needed to get ready, and then determine the time they should wake and sleep.

Challenges I ran into

Sleep & time! With only 24 continuous hours to work on this project, we definitely needed this app to manage our time and sleep schedule. We only managed a dozen hours of combined sleep, which would've been much more if we had this app to calculate an efficient sleep schedule.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Creating a welcoming and friendly user interface that earns the trust of users. Functional integration of Google API's for app functionality.

What I learned

Choose technologies which are better suited for rapid development!

What's next for Sleepworks

Personalised user settings - let the user customise their specific needs using a conversational interface.

Transport-destination alarm - optional alarm to enable users to sleep on the train/bus without missing their stop.

Enhance trip planning and prediction through more geo-API's like Waze API and NSW-Transport API.

Machine learning personalised sleep-pattern - learning each individual's sleep patterns for better sleep cycle prediction.

Adaptive hours of sleep based on the user's following day schedule. Monetization/partnerships/funding!

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