Did you know the quality of your sleep affects your ability to lose weight, age slower or prevent cancer? Even the essential question of your everyday performance can be based on your sleeping habits. Sleep is one of the 3 pillars of health - healthy eating, exercise and sleep. However, sleep tends to be the most neglected of these three. Most of us devote only the minimum to sleep. While the quantity is not even the most important. There is more to sleep. Our app will teach you the essentials about sleep and how to increase its Let's do it for yourself and for your social, professional and love life ;)

What it does

The app will teach you about the sleeping skills and how to implement them into your life via daily tasks. Each of those will positively impact your sleep. Every morning, the app will ask you how you slept. And at the end of the day (both literally and figuratively), you will be able to track your progress and see how your sleep and life, in general, get better.

How we built it

The four of us met in a flat in Košice on Saturday morning. We had the idea and we started brainstorming and creating the design. Dominik started with defining the Use Cases and sketching the app screens. Peter V. created the server on AWS and the backend in SpringBoot which implemented the business domain logic and REST API. Meanwhile, Peter Š. and Peter T. worked on the frontend of the app in Flutter.

Challenges we ran into

We had to learn Flutter because we had zero experience with this technology. That meant we had to deal with multiple seemingly easy but time-consuming tasks to make some of our Use Cases work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

First, we're glad we survived the night. Then, we are happy we made the backend work with the frontend. The architecture is working for real, we have more than just mockups on the frontend. The code is also scalable and every next feature was easier to implement than the previous one.

What we learned

We learned a lot about Flutter and we'll use it in the future for sure. We like it more than the traditional android java coding.

What's next for SleepIt

There's a lot. We have plenty of Use cases prepared. The app has potential, there's also a gap in the market. Lot's of apps provide real-time tracking of the sleep during the night and the alarm clock feature. But there are close to zero apps focusing on the daily activities and overall lifestyle effect on your sleep and vice versa. We plan to add the following features: a) new user assessment - a questionnaire about the user which will evaluate the most important skills to practise first b) personalization and registration of the user c) levels both in skills and the user can increase his Sleep level too (from Novice Sleeper to Master Sleeper) d) the app will suggest you work on your to priority skills e) setting task notifications and adjusting the amounts for the tasks f) automate some tasks, integrate with a smart water bottle, Fitbit etc.

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