This application helps you to sleep without pills and special training. The interface is available in 30 languages. This application is based on a real medications (which costs about $ 100). A medical device (ie, a prototype) sends a beam of light on the ceiling. Light becomes a brighter, then dimmer. With this pulsation user must synchronize his breath. Pulsation occurs every 5 seconds. Thus, breathing becomes deep (using yoga). With such a breath in your body stops production of cortisol (a stress hormone), and you will quickly fall asleep. When the glow is bright, it is necessary to inhale when the glow fades to do exhale. The person who tested the program, said this: This afternoon has tested a new application that helps you fall asleep quickly. Launched - and immediately fell asleep. Woke up at 14 o'clock. Thought maybe I accidentally fell asleep. Turned on again. And went back to sleep. Woke up at 17 o'clock. "Well, how about now, I wonder." Asleep to 20.00. Good app. Works. User reviews are fine. Video:

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