Sleephack is a sleep schedule suggester built for users with a busy week ahead and someone with flexibility in when they are planning to sleep. Schedules can be selected from up to eight different types of sleep patterns covered by popular research. Being hackers, time flexibility can be sought after in many different ways and so we thought, why not try sleep? Our target users are largely young hackers like ourselves with many things to do and who are not afraid to try something new and alter their sleep in order to get things done. Key features involve sleep schedule generator that is run and suggests at least one schedule for each type of sleep. Annelies is especially proud of the work she did with sails.js and the google calendar api. I only had experience with one, unpopular and poorly documented node MVC framework, and I was surprised how quickly I picked up sails.js and got it working for our team. On the other hand, the google calendar api had some really terrible documentation and worked nothing like advertised. I'm super proud of how long I worked on that issue without giving up, even though my hard work has yet to yield much success.

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