Mother's day, and our mom have trouble sleeping due to noises outside.

What it does

Auto-adjust ambient music volumn and color to mask the noise level for a good night rest. Once the offending noise reaches a certian decible level and a long period of time our app will trigger a complait to 311. The right authorities can then use this to determine the best way to stop the noise.

How I built it

Using NYC Open Data's 311 information and Esri's maps API, we've filtered the noise complaints to the last three days and ploted them on the map which displayed to us 200 noise complaint instances. We've also connected the Harman headphones and speaker to the microphone of the phone so that it would know when to raise the volume and when to lower it. Lastly we used Tropo's API to automatically send the complaint when needed.

Challenges I ran into

getting the gauge that displays the sound on the phone to work. Also initially we wanting to use a heat map to show a better saturation of where the noise is coming from but we had to use points instead.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

proud of getting the volume to adjust to the noise and also being able to plot the points of where its coming from.

What I learned

Noise complaints are very common.

What's next for

Incorporating an up-to-date live map to show where the noise complaints are coming from instantly.

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