Team 4 - SleepSafe

A responsive web app that helps female-identified members of the houseless community find safe places to sleep outdoors in Portland, OR. Created for Sisters of the Road at 2017 We Code for Good Hackathon.

Our Client

Sisters of the Road is a nonprofit cafe that serves nourishing meals with dignity to the houseless community in Portland. Anyone can come in and get a healthy meal for $1.25 or for work exchange. Sisters also provides other services and does advocacy work to end homelessness.

Target Audience

Female-identified members of the houseless community in Portland. They may be customers of Sisters of the Road or women in the larger houseless community.

The Problem

Staff from Sisters said the community voiced a need to find safe places to sleep. Portland has a shortage of affordable housing and temporary housing for the houseless. Currently only city-sanctioned camping sites are allowed. Police "sweep" unsanctioned camping sites and can confiscate or discard campers' property. In addition, female-identified campers are at risk of harassment and sexual assault while sleeping outdoors.

Description of the App

We brainstormed many great ideas for the three nonprofits (the other two were Northwest Mothers Milk Bank and New Avenues for Youth). After careful consideration, we decided to make a responsive web app for the Sisters of the Road community that helps women find safe places to sleep outside. We thought that the project had a clear goal and set of requirements and high potential of benefit for a vulnerable population.

  • The home page shows camping sites on a Google map that campers can click on to see more detail
  • Location detail page shows the safety rating, photos, amenities, description and comments
  • The app uses Flask, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, and SQLAlchemy

Additional Features

  • Campers would be invited by email
  • Campers will be able to see recently viewed sites and bookmark favorite sites
  • Campers will be able to add a site or add additional info to current sites. Admins would review the submissions before posting them.
  • Campers will be able to vote thumbs up or thumbs down on a site, which will affect the safety rating
  • The app would integrate social networking so that campers can be part of a network and see where their friends are camping. Campers will optionally be able to "check in" to a location.
  • Campers would be able to send alerts and messages to each other to let people know about sweeps or dangerous situations.


  • Rachel Wilson - set up repo, helped everyone get their environments set up & fix bugs, styling
  • Schola Choi - made base template & edited index template, wrote up submission, helped create the presentation
  • Stephanie Roth - got the Google maps API to work with the app, styling
  • Sonja Ellicott - facilitated group brainstorm session, designed wireframes & assets, created the presentation
  • Adriana Chen - set up the database and admin
  • Mila Klimkina - made location detail page


Find instructions to setup and run our app here.

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