A simple game done on Unity, SleepMaze revolves on one simple idea: find the bed to go to sleep. Completely inspired by our very own HackUCI event, the main character, Derek has to naviagate around obstacles to find the bed. Puzzles randomly appear during his adventure and won't allow him to move until it is answered. However, once answered, he could once again continue on his quest to find his bed. Once the bed is found, Derek will finally get his well-deserved sleep. (His programmers will too. Thank goodness.)

Our target user is everyone who wants to play: children, adults, or sleep-deprived college students. The key feature to the game is the random maze generator. Everytime the game is played, the maze will look different. The obstacles and doors will be in different places and the number of rooms will change (anywhere from 14 rooms to 100 rooms. Talk about cruelty).

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