Sleep Investigator

A tool for quantifying 1/3 of your life.

What is does

Sleep apnea information

Identifying sleep information, aiding in giving you an idea if you have sleep apnea

Restlessness tracking

Tracking how much tossing and turning the user is doing

Alert if breathing stops

If enabled, whenever the user stops breathing, an alarm (an illumi bulb) will flash and an SMS will be sent to someone who can revive the user.

How it works

Leveraging AT&Ts M2X time series data storage

Most of our lives can be quantified in one way or another, but sleep is one facet of our life that is typically left out of consideration. Some people track how much they sleep, yes, but how many people keep detailed, unique, and insightful statistics on every night they sleep? Not a lot. This is our solution to that. By using three sensors, visual movement, movement of bed, and breath counting, all publishing themselves to their own M2X stream, we can pull that data and analyze it in meaningful ways to the user.

Required hardware


A kinect is used to track body movements


Pick up bed movements from the user moving around


Pick up breath count

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