I found brainwaves 20 years ago, I tried it sitting on my bed, then just woke up later lying down! That was my first experience.

What it does

For example, when you are working and time "doesn't seem to be passing" usually that means your'e at high beta brain wave, but what if you get home what helps you go back down? This sound helps to guide your system to a lower frequency by using sound.

How I built it

I created a software plugin for Adobe After effects that generates a sine tone, and set the frequency for the first one. Then I needed to create a duplicate tone, and make a little scripting that always keeps the frequency a certain distance offset from the first tone (that difference is the brainwave), then I created a full spectrum brownian noise audio source. Then I needed to layout the entire audio file by marking where the frequencies needed to be over time and animated them to match the sleep induction process. I modified the parameters of the tones, and slowly changed the noise over time from no pulsing, over to gradual pulsing, then to mostly pulsing at the end. This formula is a long time at least 20 year recipe I've treasured. At the end, it runs my Ocean Waves to help keep you asleep.

Challenges I ran into

Something about crunching floating point numbers because the rendering of just this as a wave file, as two sine waves and 30 minutes of brown noise took 7h 45m to render! I almost missed the contest!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

In the old days, I used to burn CDs for people who wanted it! It took a lot of doing to share it! This is truly a unique thing, it works when nothing else helps, and Alexa lets people have access to it anywhere in the world, it is a life hack if it works for you when barely anything else will work.

What I learned

That people do seem to want to try getting extra help in relaxing on certain moon nights...see picture!

What's next for Sleep Induction Binaural Waves

Translate for France and Germany for sure! Add trail off sounds into other environments, like rain or thunder.

Built With

  • aws-lambda
  • python-2.7
  • s3
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