We were inspired to build this app because we both have family members who suffer from sleep apnea. Unfortunately, it is still very difficult today for patients to monitor how severe their condition is at home. Usually, the only way patients are able to gather any quantitative data on their sleeping habits is by going in to a hospital or research facility, being hooked up to expensive, uncomfortable sensors, and having their sleeping monitored by doctors. With Sleep Easy, we believe we can solve that problem.

What it does

Sleep Easy is an android application that uses two pieces of technology to collect meaningful data: a smartphone with audio recording capabilities, and a Myo armband. After downloading the app, users simply open the app and click "initialize" to start recording data. Audio is recorded and analyzed to track trends in snoring and breathing, and the Myo armband is worn on the user's ankle to track movement and sleeping positions. After the data is analyzed and processed, you can visit to see a visualization of your night's sleep. The main graph on the home screen displays 3 major variables against time spent asleep: intensity of breathing (loudness of snoring), length of gaps between breaths, and sleeping position.

What's next for Sleep Easy

In the future, we would like to continue to refine our algorithms to output the cleanest, most precise data possible with our given set of hardware (smartphone and Myo armband). Additionally, we would like to expand the analyses we conduct to provide additional ways to visualize the data in clear and meaningful ways. Because this technology makes it easier and much more affordable for sleep apnea patients to understand their sleeping habits, we would like to finish off the product by providing user authentication / accounts, and the ability to store an endless amount of data on your account. We believe that simply collecting and analyzing data in a meaningful way can make a huge difference on sleep apnea patients worldwide, and will hopefully provide insights into treatments and medications that help improve the symptoms and overall life of the patient.

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