This wasn’t the original idea I had per se, but I wanted to create something akin to a mobile app or something that at least had visuals. This was the end product I had.

What it does

Sleep Dose is an alarm app that does normal functions that a digital alarm does such as setting the hours and minutes of an alarm and a timer. The one key feature though is a “Sleep Dose” — a one-tap button that sets the timer for 9 hours, a “healthy dose of sleep”.

How we built it

Though I only knew Python, C++, and was just learning Java GUIs in class, I felt fairly confident in using Flutter, a Google open-source code.

Challenges we ran into

Mentioned before, this wasn’t the original idea I had. My original idea was a reminder app that notifies people of wearing a mask or stretching if they’re sitting down too long. The issue was that the tutorials for such apps are lacking and often outdated. It was really late when I realized that I came at a dead end of errors and incompatible packages. Along with this, my laptop often crashed due to the heavy workload of the language itself by emulating Android software and numerous hours were spent troubleshooting with storage and configurations; with that said, screen recording was fruitless, but at least I have something functional and submitted.

This app was the result of the short time I had. It also goes to show that learning a coding language on my own in a day is underestimating the work.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

This hackathon was a lot of firsts for me. It was my first hackathon, first to work on my own with an ambitious project, and a first to learn a coding language in a day.

What we learned

I learned about project and time management after everything in the end. I figured I need to learn more about weighing the workload in projects and the pros and cons. Also I’ve learned the basics of a new coding language at least.

What's next for Sleep Dose

Sleep Dose may implement future features such as giving a choice to set an alarm automatically for certain days (such as weekdays). Along with that, a calendar feature or notification feature may be better implemented into Android. IOS feature integration should also be considered.

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