Whenever we speak we never really think about how privileged we are to able to speak. Most people take the gift of speech for granted. However, there are many people that in fact, can't speak. These people have trouble voicing their opinions and ideas. Everybody should get an equal opportunity when it comes to voicing their opinions. This is why we have created OutLoud.

What it does

OutLoud is a software which returns a phrase or letter. This phrase is then converted into an audio file. This file is then played out loud letting anyone understand someone who has trouble speaking.

How we built it

We built OutLoud by using Flask, HTML5, CSS3, machine-learning,and OpenCV

Challenges we ran into

A challenge that we ran into was learning how to work with flask and databases as we only knew how to make static html pages before along with the implementation of tensorflow.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We finally managed to make the opencv actually work

What we learned

How to use TensorFlow

What's next for OutLoud

We plan on making OutLoud able to have sign language to speech capabilities, public and actually release our product

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