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Slayer is a accurately modeled swordplay game that works similarly to Skate, but with gameplay similar to Dark Souls. You're set in a battlefield full of flags and bodies, posess a random soldier with a sword, axe, or spear, and fight AI or other players randomly, if you die, instantly respawn somewhere else among the sea of bodies.

The art style is modeled after Game Boy games, characters are 3D models that use post-processing shaders to make look like pixel art, with colors toned to BGB Space. The game is powered by Unreal Engine 4, Photoshop & Px for the pixel art, Node as the server, Cubase for music, and blender to rig the characters.


  • Dark Souls - Perfect swordplay combat and harsh, realistic gameplay made this a definer of a genre.
  • Skate - The first game to use the dualshock sticks for something other than camera movements.
  • Grail - A great blend of 2D and 3D assets set to a Game Boy color scheme.
  • Infinity Blade - Brought swipe based swordplay to the mainstream.

GameJam Goals


  • [x] Get TCP communications working with Unreal.
  • [x] Create a server application that'll host the players. (Use the sponsor cloud service only, unless there are none lol, we could just use my personal one, I just git pull and npm run or whatever.)
  • [x] Make a react component to serve as the web page to serve the app. ( could work, or use the gameplay server, whatever we have time for.)
  • [x] Serve HTML5, Android, Windows, (Mac, iOS if we have time, primary target being HTML5) builds.


  • [x] Bring Alienware, Steam Controller from OpenHID office (Lukas bring my Steam Controller too).
  • [ ] Create player rig, in such a way it could fit in a 2D pixelated view.
  • [ ] Create a Pawn that can variably control sword swings with the trackpad of the steam controller.
  • [ ] Hook up Pawn to raw steam controller data.
  • [ ] Create a network player controller.
  • [ ] Create a localhost player controller.


  • [x] Create a cool titlepage, animations, shaders, and everything.
  • [x] Create tileset for environment.
  • [x] Establish UE snapping/scaling system. (1m == 32 px?)
  • [x] Fork flappy bird clone.
  • [x] Create scene that players are fighting in. Thinking of it being a flag filled field like the draft for the next chapter of berserk.
  • [x] Create Flags as 3D models, animated with Blender, physics, blend shapes, whatever's possible in the time constraints.
  • [x] The floor should be filled with fallen soldiers, we need a battle for winterfell kinda feel here.

Documentation / Deployment

  • [ ] Write Devpost Article, combining docs from everyone's work.
  • [ ] Apply to every single award. Apply Apply Apply!
  • [ ] Post to Twitter.
  • [ ] Post to Indiejolt.
  • [ ] Post to Kongregate.
  • [ ] Post on Newgrounds.


  • [x] Bring cheap keyboard (not the heavy one Alain).
  • [x] Compose a strings song with Cubase, using a crechendo technique to accurately model them.

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