Today, Ukraine is on the front lines of a renewed conflict with Russia. Russia's recent full-scale invasion of Ukraine has created more than 4.3 million refugees and displaced another 6.5 million citizens in the past 6 weeks according to the United Nations. Humanitarian aid organizations make trips into war-torn parts of Ukraine daily, but citizens are often unaware of their locations. Moreover, those fleeing the country into surrounding European countries don't know where they can stay. By connecting refugees with those willing to offer support and providing location data for humanitarian aid, YOUkraine hopes to support those unjustly suffering in Ukraine.


Connects refugees and support/humanitarian aid groups in Ukraine.

You can sign up on the app and declare yourself as either a refugee or supporter and connect with each other directly. Refugees will get tailored recommendations for places to stay, which are offered by supporters, based on family size and the desired country. Refugees will also be able to access a map to view the locations of humanitarian relief organizations such as UN Refugee Agency, Red Cross, Doctors Without Borders, Central Kitchen and many more.


Tech Stack: MERN (Mongodb, Express.js, React.js, Node.js)

We used React (JS), Framer-motion, Axios, Bcrypt, uuid, and react-tinder to create a visually pleasing and accessible way for users to communicate.

For live chat and to store user data, we took advantage of MongoDB, express.js, and node.js because of its ease of access to set up and access data.

For the recommendation feature, we used Pandas, Numpy and Seaborn to preprocess our data. We trained our tf-idf model using Sklearn on 3000 different users.


  • 3 person team that started late, doesn't get the early worm :(
  • It was the first time anyone on the team has worked with MERN stack (took a lil'figuring out, but it works!)
  • Had to come up with our own dataset to train with and needed to remake the dataset and retrain the model multiple times
  • NO UI/UX DESIGNER (don't take them for granted, they're GOD SENDS)
  • We don't have much experience using cookies and we ran into a lot of challenges, but we stuck it out and made it work (WOOT WOOT!)


  • WE GOT IT DONE!! 30 hours of blood, sweat, and tears later, we have our functioning app :D
  • We can now proudly say we're full stack developers because we made and implemented everything ourselves, top to bottom :)
  • Designing the app from scratch (no figma/ uiux designer💀)
  • Using so many tools, languages and frameworks at once, and making them work together :D
  • Submitting on time (I hope? 😬)


YOUkraine has a lot to do before it can be deployed as a genuine app.

  • Add security features and encryption to ensure the app isn't misused
  • Implement air raid warnings and 'danger sightings' so that users can stay informed and avoid conflict zones.
  • Partner with NGO's/humanitarian relief organizations so we can update our map live and provide more insights concerning relief efforts.
  • Enhance our recommendation feature (add more search terms)
  • Possibly add a donation feature to support Ukraine


Eric is a 3rd year computer science student at University of British Columbia, currently interning at RBC. With experience in designing for social media apps and websites, he is interested in expanding his repertoire in designing for emerging technologies. You can connect with him at his LinkedIn or view his Portfolio

Alan is a 2nd year computer science student at the University of Calgary, currently interning at SimplySafe. He's has a wide variety of technical skills in frontend and backend development! Moreover, he has a strong passion for both data science and app development. You can reach out to him at his LinkedIn or view his Portfolio

Matthew is a 2nd year computer science student at Simon Fraser University, currently looking for a summer 2022 internship. He has formal training in data science. He's interested in learning new and honing his current frontend skills/technologies. Moreover, he has a deep understanding of machine learning, AI and neural networks. He's always willing to have a chat about games, school, data science and more! You can reach out to him at his LinkedIn or view his Portfolio


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