We were inspired by the pitch in the morning briefing. The project seemed perfect for our wide-ranging and typically incompatible programming abilities.

What it does

The dashboard: it displays data. Well, hopefully, it will display data before the deadline- currently, it displays a series of empty boxes.

There is a login page which lets you log in. We also have a PHP API to get data metrics using Javascript.

How we built it

Well.. Carlos decided that Javascript libraries were off limits. So he started the process of coding graphs and maps from scratch... David was a champ and did all the PHP. Tristram was also a champ and did HTML and CSS. Henry used MySQL and Java to compute metrics from the data.

I sat there for most of the day trying to help. And I did.. sometimes.

Challenges we ran into

Carlos. Just use a library.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

The sidebar is probably the best part of the project. The other stuff comes in at a close second.

What we learned

Carlos learnt that Javascript libraries are helpful. Everyone else learnt that Carlos should use libraries.

What's next for Slate2Learn Dashboard

Future implementations could include machine learning. Perhaps also some graphs.

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